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满意请采纳 ~

Maroon 5/Kendrick Lamar - Don't Wanna Know

Doing It - Charli XCX、Rita Ora We're staying all night We never slow down I think we better do it like we're doing it now It's been a long time Since we've been around So come on, let's keep doing it like we're doing it Doing ...


Blank Space Nice to meet you 很开心见到你 Where you've been? 一直以来你去哪里了? I can show you incredible things 我可以向你展示不可思议的事物 Magic, madness, heaven, sins 魔幻、狂热、天堂或是罪恶 Saw you there and I thought o...

She is always protect me from bullying.

home 是副词,前面不要介词

You, with your words like knives and swords and weapons 你,带着你那好似刀,剑一般犀利话语 that you use against me 来伤害着我 You, have knocked me off my feet again, 你,曾经好不留情的把我撞倒两次, got me feeling like a nothin...

歌曲名:Can I Take You Home 歌手:The Automatic 专辑:Tear The Signs Down You know what I want want I know what you want want Tell me what I want want I'll tell you what you want want You know what I want want I know what you want...

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