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into own

come into my own:得到自己应得的东西。 come into one's own 得到自己应得的东西;盛行起来。 双语例句: 1.When angel turns into devil, I come to realize that living in hell or heaven just lies in the choice of one's own. 当天使变...

come into one's own意思是: 显示自身的特点; 得到尊重; 得到自己该得的东西; 盛行起来 例句 She has at last come into her own since her domineering sister left home. 自从她那指手划脚的姐姐离开家庭之后,她终于可以自己作主了。 Thi...

意思是 在某一特定领域非常有效果,有用,非常成功 to be very useful or successful in a particular situation 例如 Cars are banned from the city centre so a bicycle really comes into its own here. Ferragamo came into his own in las...

全文意思是:然而,管理培训和知识真的来了,在未来两年斯莱特吃力教育胚胎纺织工业和经证明如此贝尔珀成功技术的商人到它自己。 came into its own 意思是是:来到自己的。

come into their own:进入他们自己的……

就是自己出面解决 handle matter by oneself 是同义语。。

It is not a good idea _to translate __(翻译)word into your own language "to translate word into your own language" 是句子的真正的主语,等同于it 即本句为动词不定式to+do 做主语 translate sth into sth 即为将。。翻译为。。

take matters into your own hands, 就是把事情掌握在你自己的手里。 同义:Make things under your own control, 使事情在你自己的控制下。

take matters into your own hands 考虑到你自己的手中的事情

take law into their own hands 把法律掌握在自己手中

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