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有一首英文歌,男的唱的,有句歌词是you ArE BEAut...

Akon - Beautiful ft. Colby O'Donis, Kardinal Offishall ?

Yestaday Once More?请听听看

可以的话请精确到分钟 我在末尾找半天 反正是没找着 Welcome To The School -- 4minuet 其次 那是韩文歌 少量英文而已

应该是Christina Aguilera唱的<Beautiful>

beautiful now zedd的

#Beautiful by MARIAH CAREY?

You are so beautiful 歌手:Joe Cocke

Nichole Alden Not looking back I am not looking back I won't glance behind I've got nothing but a future in my mind you are in my mind you are in my mind in my mind...hmm I never wanted anything but you time loose you pride let...

OH WHAT A WONDERFUL DAY (HEY PIERRE) (Ron Dante) Abrahamm & Strauss Hey Pierre Look at you Sitting there Like you do Watching clouds All day long Singing such a silly song (Chorus) La la, la la, la la, la la Hear the daisies gr...

是不是be what you wanna be?

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