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有一首英文歌,男的唱的,有句歌词是you ArE BEAut...

just way you are ? what makes you beautiful 或者you are beautiful 你都试试吧,我不确定

应该是Christina Aguilera唱的<Beautiful>

《Love you like a love song》Selena Gomez的

曲:beautiful 歌手:christina aguilera 专辑:stripped christina aguilera - beautiful (dont look at me) everyday is so wonderful and suddenly its hard to breathe now and then i'd get insecure from all the pain i'm so ashamed i a...

You are so beautiful 歌手:Joe Cocke

#Beautiful by MARIAH CAREY?

Virginia To Vegas - Colourful

Nichole Alden Not looking back I am not looking back I won't glance behind I've got nothing but a future in my mind you are in my mind you are in my mind in my mind...hmm I never wanted anything but you time loose you pride let...

是不是这个? 《Sarah McLachlan》 - Ordinary Miracle 下载与试听: It’s not that unusual When everything is beautiful It’s just anothe...

是不是be what you wanna be?

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