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make sth. a reality. They are trying their best to make the dream a reality. 他们正努力使梦想变成现实。

reality is reality.

change...into 把......变成 例句 1.Please change Chinese into English. 请把汉语转换成英语。 2.Can you change U. S. dollars into Euros? 您能将美元兑换成欧元吗?

每晚都被梦吓醒,我害怕黑夜,害怕梦成为现实,害怕失去. Every night was dreamed of, I was afraid of the night, fear the dream to become a reality, fear of losing.

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Seven days without water make one weak (week). 七天没有水使一个人虚弱。或者:七天没有水就是一周没有水。

Let me think about it. 考虑:think about

可以吗? People who is apt for learning languages can turn their mistakes into a big step towards success.

您好,翻译为 To make our living environment better. 希望帮助你

working seniority 工作年限: 1. Years of Working ...聘人数: 2人 管理经验: 否 职位描述/要求: 学历(Education):Bachelor 年龄(Age): No preference 工作年限(Years of Working):Over 2 Years 外语(Language):English 职位描述(Job Des...

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